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Donor Recognition

We show our appreciation to our donors in so many ways. From our annual thank-a-thon event and donor receptions, to plaques and naming opportunities, we want every donor to feel our gratitude.  

WVSOM President's Circle

Thank you to our President's Circle Members

Penny and Gregory Jarrell, D.O.

Mark Waddell, D.O.

Lawrence Clark

Lydia Weisser, D.O.

Peter Stracci, D.O.

Reggie Triplett, D.O., and Leah Triplett, D.O.

Dorothy Montgomery

Joseph Cincinnati, D.O.

Troy Foster, D.O.

Abdollatiff Ghiathi, D.O.

David Barger, D.O. and Bonita Barger, Ph.D.

Kendall Wilson, Jr., D.O.

Thomas Johnson, D.O.

What is the President's Circle 

The President’s Circle recognizes donors committed to empowering WVSOM to be a leader in medical education by supporting the school financially. In doing so, members of the President’s Circle help WVSOM students achieve the educational goal of becoming osteopathic physicians by expanding their knowledge with cutting-edge equipment and experiences, fostering their potential, and assisting them in pursuing their ambitions for a better future for themselves, their patients and their communities.

What is the Purpose?

Donors who contribute a one-time gift of $5,000 or more annually, unrestricted, or toward a special project or endowment will be recognized in the President’s Circle.

The President’s Circle Supports:

  • Develop a robust and diverse network committed to increasing student success and academic excellence through student-centered instruction, student-centered support services, and dynamic technologies.
  • Help support existing and future innovative programs to give students state-of-the-art training experiences and to assist students in competing for residency programs.
  • Monetary support for students facing challenges such as financial, health, or security-related crises. This support allows students to continue their studies while facing these life uncertainties. When students are faced with unforeseen circumstances, the Foundation can provide funding for things like emergency shelter, supplies, and funds.

Lifetime Giving Leaders

We deeply appreciate our donors, whose support is crucial to our mission. Below, we honor the individuals, families, and organizations whose contributions have made a significant impact. Our donor achievement milestones reflect their cumulative lifetime donations. Thank you to each donor for your dedication, and know your generosity inspires us daily.

Drs. Michael and Cheryl Adelman

James Harless

Ray Harron, M.D./Harron Foundation

John Manchin, D.O./The Manchin Clinic

Dr. and Mrs. Roland Sharp

Marlene Wager, D.O.

Lydia Weisser, D.O.

Gary and Joann White

Encova Foundation of West Virginia

The Greenbrier Hotal Corp. 

Hildegard P. Swich Estate

Hollowell Foundation Inc.

WVSOM Alumni Association

Christopher Beckett, D.O.

Sean Brain and Jandy Hanna, Ph.D.

Charles Davis, D.O./Davis Eye Center Inc.

James Deering, D.O., and Jodi Flanders, D.O.

Abdollatif Ghiathi, D.O.

William McLaighlin, D.O.

Michael Nicholas, D.O.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Obrokta Jr.

Patrick Pagur, D.O., and Billie Wright, D.O.

Mr. and Mrs. David Rader

Carole Stookey

Drs. Andrew and Tiffany Thymius

Mrs. John Tirpak

Harold Ward, D.O.

Dr. and Mrs. Badshah Wazir/Spring Hill Cardiology

Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation

The National Osteopathic Foundation

The Pittsburg Foundation

West Virginia Osteopathic Medical Association

Manuel Ballas, D.O.

Catherine Bishop, D.O.

Craig Boisvert, D.O.

Jeffery Braham, D.O.

Drs. Edward and Kristie Bridges

Clyde Brooks III, D.O.

Cathy Daily, D.O.

Steven Eshenaur, D.O./Haven Ltd.

Ahmed Faheem, M.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Lawson Hamilton

J. Robert Holmes, DDS

Drs. Robert and Rachel Hunter

Dr. Gregory and Penny Jarrell

Samuel Muscari Jr., D.O.

James Nemitz, Ph.D.

Lorenzo Pence, D.O.

Angus Peyton

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Rubin/Carmel-Greenfield Charitable Trust

Rosa Stone, D.O.

Dr. Peter and Sharon Stracci

Lori Tucker, D.O.

Drs. Rafael and Letetia Villalobos

Lewis Whaley, D.O.

City National Bank

Highmark Inc. 

Humana Foundation Inc.

OVP Health Inc.

Robert C. Byrd Clinic Inc. 

Smith Kline & French Laboratories

Truist Corporation

West Virginia Emulation Endowment Trust

West Virginia State Medical Association Alliance

David Allen, D.O.

Greg and Jill Allman/Greenbrier Real Estate Service

Heather Antolini

Michael Antolini, D.O.

Carlton Apgar, D.O.

Hal Armistead, D.O., and Amelia Roush, D.O.

Helen Baker, Ph.D.

Jonathan Beyer, D.O.

Richard Blackburn, D.O.

Water Boardwine, D.O.

Lois Bosley, D.O.

George Boxwell, D.O.

Richard Carey, D.O.

Paul Conley, D.O.

Melanie Crites-Bachert, D.O.

Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Deem

Brian DeFade, D.O.

Dr. and Mrs. Clifford Evans

Allen Finkelstein, D.O.

Robert Flowers, D.O.

Robert Foster, D.O.

John Garlitz, D.O.

John Clover, D.O.

Marla Haller, D.O., and Master Chief USN Paul Haller

M. Franklin Harrison IV, D.O.

John Hibler, D.O.

Robert Holstein, D.O.

Howard Hunt, D.O.

Dr. and Mrs. Olen Jones Jr.

Susan Ketchem

Lloyd Kurth, D.O.

John Lehmann

Cynthia Mayer, D.O.

Richard McClung, DDS

Hugh McLaughlin, D.O.

Dodi Montgomery

Karen Montgomery-Reagen

Stephen Naymick, D.O.

Deena Obrokta, D.O./Liberty Pediatrics

Abdul Orra, D.O.

Susan Painter, D.O.

Pete Palko III, D.O.

Drs. Bruce and Millie Peterson

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Peyton

Larry Sidaway, D.O.

Ronald Smith, D.O.

Alan Snider, D.O.

Lewis Spanos, D.O.

R. Spencer, D.O.

Robert Stanley, D.O.

Drs. Thomas and Karen Steele

Drs. Russell and Sally Stewart

Steve Talbott

Andy Tanner, D.O., and Dewayne Duncan

Alexander Trefz, D.O.

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Trent

Drs. Phillip and Leah Triplett

Thomas White II, D.O.

Naomi Wriston, D.O.

American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine

American Chemical Society

American Osteopathic Association

Aviagen Turkeys Inc.

Bailey & Wyant PLLC

CAMC Health Education and Research Institute

Colonial Ford

First Citizens Bank

Greenbrier Military School Alumni Association

Greenbrier Valley Medical Center

Little General Store

Marion Laboratories Inc.

Merck & Company

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC

Peoples Bank

The Pittsburgh Foundation

Raleigh General Hospital

Terracare Inc.

Virginia Osteopathic Medical Association

West Virginia State Medical Association

Woolpert Inc.

WVSOM OPP Department

O.J. Bailes, D.O.

Andrew Barger, M.D.

David Barger, D.O.

Randall Belt, D.O.

Michael Bess, D.O.

Patrick Bonasso, M.D.

David Brown, Ph. D.

Richard Burdeaux Sr., D.O.

Cynthia Butler, D.O.

Craig Chambers, D.O.

Michael Chambers

Joseph Cincinnati, D.O.

Elizabeth Clark, D.O.

Richard Collie, D.O.

Curtis Cornella-Carlson, D.O.

Raymond Crosby, D.O.

David Cummings, D.O.

Roberto Cunanan, D.O.

Linda Eakle, D.O.

Richard Foutch, D.O.

Jon Furbee, D.O.

Alexander Garber, D.O.

Thomas Gilligan, D.O.

Williams Graves, D.O

Ray Greco II, D.O.

Drs. Rick and Carol Greco

Donald Gullickson II, D.O.

David Harrison, D.O.

Eloise Hayes, D.O.

Paul Herr, D.O.

Lisa Hrutkay, D.O.

Buddy Hurt, D.O.

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Karrs/Dermatology Centers Inc.

Gregory Kelly, D.O.

Barbara Kleman

John Lackey, D.O.

Jamie Lampros-Shenefelt

Johanna Laycock

David Leech, D.O.

Stanley Lloyd, D.O.

James Lomeo, D.O.

Paul Lomeo, D.O.

Kathleen Maley, D.O.

Malcolm Modrzakowski, Ph.D.

Joan Moore, D.O.

Michael Muscari, D.O.

Samuel Muscari Sr., D.O.

Andrea Nazar, D.O.

Donald Newell II, D.O.

Stephen and Cynthia Olson

Geraldine Painter

David Price, D.O.

Ryan Runyon, D.O.

Shirley Runyon/American Beer Company

Fred Sabol, D.O.

Dr. Joseph and Cheryl Schreiber

Michael Shrock, D.O.

Stephen Shy, D.O.

Sophia Sibold, D.O.

Jan Silverman, D.O.

Linda Smith

Dr. and Mrs. Gary Swann

Mary Testa, D.O.

Stephan Thilen, D.O.

Dr. and Mrs. James Tierney

George Triplett, D.O.

Noel Weigel, D.O.

Ralph Wood, D.O.

Auxiliary of the West Virginia Society of Osteopathic Medicine

Cabell Huntington Hospital 

Community Health Systems Inc.

Dobson Communications Corp.

The Greater Greenbrier Valley Community Foundation

Highland Cellular One

Jackson Kelly PLLC

Lewis, Glasser, Casey & Rollins PLLC

MAKO Medical Laboratories

Mason & Barry Inc.

MedExpress Urgent Care

Meritus Health

Mississippi Osteopathic Medical Association

Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Ohio Osteopathic Association

River Regional Surgical Specialties

Southeastern Area Health Education Center

United Bank

The Upjohn Company

Vein Health Solutions


Lifetime Giving Leaders are updated annually based on the fiscal year July 1 to June 30.

Annual giving


Let’s Keep Growing!
Our donor trees celebrate the generosity that will help populate our nation’s rural areas with passionate, caring physicians.

Legacy scholarship gifts

Scholarship Gifts

We’ll work with you to design the recognition that matches your donation to this newly established fund.  

Planned giving


Leave a legacy and touch the future of health care through an estate plan that includes a gift to the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine. 

Naming opportunities


Your generous donation will not only help students today, but can inspire generations of physicians when honored by naming a part of our campus. Contact the Foundation Office for more details at 304-647-6374.